Nightfall with Edgar Allen Poe

Enter the mind of Edgar Allen Poe on November 2nd and 3rd as actors guild puts on the most thrilling play of the year. In just two weeks, all of actors’ guild’s hard work will be put into action. Their lines are memorized and the tech crew is almost done building the set and creating all of the special effects. So come join us in Nightfall with Edgar Allen Poe, but check your heartbeat at the door.

“I’m not mad, am I? Am I?!” That’s the question that Edgar Allen Poe, played by Mike Lavoie, asks in The Tell Tale Heart after he kills an old man because of his grotesque eye and the deafening beating of his heart.

“The narrator of the story has this unusual obsession with the old man’s eye, which is horrifically disfigured, and almost vulture like in appearance,” says Sam Gagnon, who plays the old man. “Though personally attached to the man, the narrator cannot bear to look at him. Paranoia rips apart his sanity, and with that said, the narrator ends up killing the old man, all while trying to cover up the murder while talking to the police.”

The police, Ally Catanzaro and Greg Casazza, act as the play’s comedic relief, with their British accents and awkward, oblivious nature.

Sympathize with Poe in The Raven as he mourns for his lost Lenore. Tune into his brilliant poetry, read by Abbey Lehner, Shauna Matthieu, Mike Currier and Jared Contrada. Feel Poe’s fear of the raven perched on his windowsill, played by Sammy Frasier, and question with him his sanity.

Sit at the edge of your seats as you watch Sante, played by Sarah Georgy, await her death in a torture chamber in The Pit and the Pendulum. Listen to Poe, played by Emily Marsden, describe what is going through Sante’s mind as the pendulum swings closer and closer to her chest. Decide with the judges, Zachary Lewis and Shaina Gilks, if Sante is guilty.

The Pit and the Pendulum is probably one of the most confusing plays because what people fail to realize is that mine and Emily’s character is the same person. She is the mind, as well as the writer of the story, and I’m acting it out,” says Georgy, another new addition to actors’ guild, as well as Salem High School. “I think we’re doing a really good job portraying that, so hopefully the audience understands it. I’m really excited for this.”

Unlike the other plays in Nightfall with Edgar Allen Poe, the play Cask of Amontillado was written by aspiring playwright, senior Kyle Hamlin, whose plays will also be featured at this year’s festival. Watch as Montresor, played by Kaity Appleton, goes about her death plot of Fortunato, played by Kelsie Cameron, after she feels insulted and therefore seeks revenge.

In The Fall of the House of Usher, Dan Donovan, one of the newest additions to actors’ guild, portrays Roderick Usher, a man who has going into a deep depression because of the despair of his lonely house and the sickness of his sister, played by Shauna Matthieu. Enter the unnerving house of Usher with Poe, played by Kyle Hamlin, on a gloomy autumn day and experience the process of its fall.

“I feel very accepted into the program. I felt that almost immediately,” says Donovan when asked how he feels about actors’ guild. “Each rehearsal has been a good time from the start.”

Ally Catanzaro, who has been a member of actors’ guild since her freshman year, says, “I feel like the play is really being pulled together as it always should be. Especially with only two weeks left before opening night, everyone is finally getting into their creepy ‘Poe’ mindset and they are starting to create the true feeling of how Poe intended for his stories to be told.”


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